Railway-Carriages Factory Čakovec Ltd. is placed in Čakovec, Kolodvorska 6, Croatia. We are situated next to the railway station, to which the whole space of the factory is connected by a railway (by gauges). One can find us at crossways, 10 km away from the Slovenian border, 20 km from the Hungarian border and 140 km from Vienna.
Gold medal for innovation at the 45th Salon of Inventions in Geneva!
April 3rd, 2017.
  Croatian Innovators Association with support from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Croatian Association of Technical Culture organized a participation of...
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Railway-Carriages Factory Čakovec
HR 40000 Čakovec, Kolodvorska 6 | TEL +385 (0)40 384 334 | FAX +385 (0)40 384 336

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