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13th International Innovation Fair in Seoul
December 5th, 2017.

At the Innovation Fair in Seoul, where more than 740 innovations from 34 countries of the world were presented, SELF PROP RAIL project by Drazen Vidovic and Railway Carriages Factory Cakovec Ltd. won a silver medal.
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69th International Innovation Fair in Nüernberg - IENA 2017.
November 5th, 2017.

In the competition of more than 800 innovations from 31 countries of the world at the 69th International Innovation Fair - IENA 2017 held in Nüernbergu, SELF PROP RAIL project by Drazen Vidovic and Railway Carriages Factory Cakovec Ltd. won a gold medal.

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News -November 7th, 2017.

Recognition for successful joint cooperation
October, 10th 2017.

The day of the Faculty of Traffic Sciences in Zagreb was marked on October, 9th, 2017. At the same time, 25 years of Aeronautical studies were held, where civilian and military pilots and flight controllers were trained. This faculty has been officially operating since 1982. and is the youngest member of the University of Zagreb. Dean of the faculty Hrvoje Gold is extremely proud of the achieved results of the faculty. He was particularly proud of the work and success of students.
The day of the Faculty of Transport Sciences did not fail to visit Damir Boras, who believes that young people after graduation can find work in the profession, which is very important after graduating. The Faculty of Traffic Science, although relatively young and small - is one of the best faculties in its area. It turns out that when a good core is planning a development, then it can be despite the lack of resources to good results - because of the very good cooperation with the economy, considered the rector of the University of Zagreb Damir Boras.
About 2200 students of the Faculty of Traffic Science today can choose between three student orientations - traffic, aeronautics and logistics, and intelligent transport systems. The interest in this faculty year after year is increasing. Probably the reason we intensified our work on projects - both scientific and commercial and so our students are involved in such activities during the study. Second, we intensified cooperation with the economy. The Faculty has economic advisory body with 21 respectable companies from Croatia, with whom we work on curricula, programs and together we work on the competences and personal development of students, said vice dean of Science and Foreign Cooperation of Faculty of Transportation, Tomislav Josip Mlinaric.
Railway Carriages Factory Cakovec Ltd. on the occasion of the day of the Faculty of Traffic Sciences, was given special recognition for successful joint cooperation on the development of new products.
Drazen Vidovic from the Railway Carriages Factory Cakovec Ltd. received the recognition of the Faculty of Traffic Science handed over by dean Hrvoje Gold.
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International innovation fair in India - IIIF 2017.
September, 16th 2017.

Croatian Innovators 'Association was the organizer of Croatian Innovators and Entrepreneurs' Participation at the INTERNATIONAL INNOVATION FAIR IN INDIA - IIIF 2017, September, 9th - 11th 2017, VISAKHAPATNAM, India. The fair held over 6000 m2 of exhibition space in 4 themes.
1. GIPX - Presentation of Innovative Technology in Consumer Electronics.
2. i2BOX - platform to bridge the gap between innovation and commercialization.
3. IFIA - international innovation from over 20 countries
4. Start-up Square - a place for start-ups and their presentation and making contacts with potential investors.
The mentioned fair is a central place in India in business contacts and commercialization of innovations, so we have estimated that it is appropriate to present our innovation at IIIF 2017. The presented innovations were evaluated by the International Jury, attended by experts from different profiles. SELF PROP RAIL by Drazen Vidovic from Railway Carriages Factory Cakovec Ltd. won a gold medal.
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Gold medal for innovation at the 45th Salon of Inventions in Geneva!
April 3rd, 2017.

Croatian Innovators Association with support from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Croatian Association of Technical Culture organized a participation of Croatian innovators in the 45th Salon of Inventions in Geneva.
The Salon of innovations, which this year took place from March 29th to April 2nd was attended by inventors from 40 countries who presented more than 1,000 innovations on 8500 m2 of exhibition space.
On this, one of the most prestigious shows of innovations in the world, Croatian selection participated in the twenty-third time in a row. This year the Association of Croatian innovators presented 13 innovations that drew a lot of interest in the business community, and have been awarded with numerous prizes.
The exhibited innovation was judged by an international jury, which involved more than 85 experts from various fields.
SELF PROP RAIL by Drazen Vidovic from Railway-Carriages Factory Cakovec Ltd. won a gold medal.
Gold Medal for the best innovation in the 45th Salon of innovation for SELF PROP RAIL was assigned also by JSC NIIASA Russian Railways.
This year the Geneva Salon records the visit of more than 45,000 visitors, of which a significant portion was from the local and international business community. Croatian innovators at the fair was visited by the Croatian Ambassador in the Swiss Confederation Mr. Alexander Hein, who by their presence annually provides support to Croatian exhibitors.
Croatian innovators also visited the Croatian consul in the Swiss Confederation, Mr. Slobodan Mikac.
On the margins of this event, numerous meetings were held with representatives of the National Association of Innovators and other international stakeholders in encouraging innovation.
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Railway Carriages Factory Cakovec Ltd. at the Eurasia rail 2017. in Turkey
March 10th, 2017.

Railway Carriages Factory Cakovec Ltd. was the only Croatian company which independently participated as an exhibitor at the Eurasia Rail 2017, which was held from 02.-04th March 2017. in Istanbul, Turkey.
Railway Carriages Factory Cakovec Ltd. once again presented itself on the market of the Middle East, especially Turkey, its manufacturing capabilities and products which have potential in the Turkish market.
Turkey is a huge market and it is very important to be present and to present to potential partners the possibilities of mutual cooperation. This year we had a lot of interesting business meetings with potential partners across the globe.
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Eurasia rail 2017. Turkey
January 26th, 2017.

March 2nd – 4th, 2017. Railway carriages Factory Cakovec Ltd. will exhibit at the fair Eurasia rail 2017. in Turkey. You can visit us in Hall 10, Stand No.802.
Great product from Railway Carriages Factory Cakovec Ltd.
January 13th, 2017.

On January 12th, 2017. from Railway Carriages Factory Cakovec Ltd. in traffic was released and tested the second from four diesel-engine vehicle series 7 122, which is completely renovated and modernized in our separate production facility in Bjelovar.

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