Railway-Carriages Factory Čakovec Ltd. is placed in Čakovec, Kolodvorska 6, Croatia. We are situated next to the railway station, to which the whole space of factory is connected by a railway (by gauges). One can find us at crossways, 10 km away from the Slovenian border, 20 km away from the Hungarian border, 14o km from Vienna. Our advantage is in very good traffic connections. The Budapest-Zagreb-Rijeka highway is passing right next to us.

Railway-Carriages factory Čakovec Ltd. has been doing business in its present form since July 1st, 1993. It's owner is HŽ - Croatian Railways, which owns 100% of shares. Among the total of 238 workers, various qualification structure can be found: graduated mechanical engineers, mechanical engineers, mechanical technicians, locksmiths, joiners, carpenters, painters, lacquerers. The manager of Railway Carriages Factory Cakovec Ltd. is Mr. Igor Camplin.

The factory is placed on 56.687 m² of the land, 12.094 m² thereof are production plants, 1.231 m² offices and 819 m² warehouses.

On the 5th April 2013. Railway-Carriages Factory Bjelovar merged with Railway Carriages Factory Čakovec Ltd. and became our workshop placed in Bjelovar, Trg kralja Tomislava 2, Croatia.
HR 40000 Čakovec, Kolodvorska 6
TEL +385 (0)40 384 334 | FAX +385 (0)40 384 336

Basic activities
production, maintenance and repair of new spieces freight carriages of the Saadkms-z series for transport of freightvehicles
repair and maintenance of various series of freight carriages: Eas-z 595, Rgs-z 391, Rs-z 390, Fals-z 665, Sammps-tz 472, Uaai 925, Gas-z 190, Gbs-z 150, E 500, Es 555, Tads-z, Kgs-z
repair and maintenance of tank cars for transport of petroleum products (gas petroleum, gasoline and other derivates) of the series Zagkks-z 791, Zagks-z 781, Zaes-z 798, Zas-z 796, Zaes-z 799, Uacns-z, Uckk-z, Uk-zž
repair, reconstruction, modification and maintenance of the diesel engine trains.
repair, reconstruction, modification and maintenance of the heavy rail motor vehicles
production of low flow tram constructions and electric multiple unit (EMU) constructions
reconstruction of carriages for the acommodation of workers and carriages into warehouses
Auxilary activities
productions of all kinds of welded steel constructions, especially made of stainless steel
production of carriages bases, production of spare parts for the carriages
services of processing and cutting of metal at special machine tools
performing carpenters and painters works
Development plans
introduction of new technologies and computerization into the peoduction process of repairing the carriages and production of spare parts
specialization in repairing tank cars
Except with Croatian Railways as the founder and major user of our services, the Railway Carriages Factory Ltd. has developed a long term business cooperation with INA zagreb, TŽV GREDELJ Zagreb, KONČAR Zagreb and some smaller companies in Croatia. During the last three years we have been trying to to extend the circle of the users of our services out of the Republic of Croatia, and we have been successfully doing business with Ferreire Cattaneo SA from Switzerland.














Railway-Carriages Factory Čakovec
HR 40000 Čakovec, Kolodvorska 6 | TEL +385 (0)40 384 334 | FAX +385 (0)40 384 336

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