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Railway Hostel On Wheels

After months of work, which included refurbishment of the old passenger sleeping car, we can proudly point out that we have completed the first "pilot" project in Croatia in the creation of the first "railway hostel on wheels". The owner of the railway hostel on wheels is Mr. Zvonko Momcilovic from Zagreb, who is also the originator of the idea of ​​the project railway hostel on wheels in Croatia. We are proud that workers of our separate production facility in Bjelovar, where the work was carried out, again showed great expertise and motivation to perform the most complex tasks related to the railway vehicles, which are a priority in the description of the provision of services of Railway Carriages Factory Cakovec Ltd. Rearranging the wagon in the railway hostel on wheels we got ten rooms with three beds equipped with all the necessary connections that require the prescribed standards, a shower, toilet (male and female) and reception. We are convinced that the future users will be pleasantly surprised after the first stay and that future reviews will be positive. The wagon is set to Zagreb Main Station. We hope and we are convinced that this is not the end of the project and that very soon we will start with the regulation of the next wagon.
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Railway Hostel On Wheels
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